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Essential Downloads (Click the links below)

Ambitionz Welcome Pack .. Here’s the place to start, though there’s a lot in here. Best talk to your sponsor who will take you through it one step at a time.

Keeping Catalogue / Customer Records .. Here’s an explanation of how to keep records of where and when you posted and collected catalogues.

Customer Record Book Template .. And here a template (in Micorsoft Excel) if you want to print your own.

Catalogue Inserts .. These are in Microsoft Word and can be personalised to let your customers know who you are and when you’ll call back for the catalogues.

Sorry I Missed You .. Or Call Back Slips. If customers have not left your catalogues outside and they’re not at home when you call, use these to let them know you’ve called and when you’ll be calling back. Again, you can personalise to suit.

Thank You For Your Order .. When you first start your retail, you may not always know when you’re calling back to deliver their products. So these become more useful once you get into a routine .

Retail Ready Reckoner .. Retail with Kleeneze can be very profitable when you get into the swing of things. The first few weeks can be a bit confusing and even a bit daunting. Once you become more practiced and begin to develop your own Customer Base, you’ll soon see the potential. The Ready Reckoner shows you how much you can earn from your efforts.

Kleeneze Operations Manual .. Everything you’ll need to know to operate your Kleeneze Account

We find it’s best to go back to customers every 4 weeks. If you can see they’re not looking at your catalogues then stop after 3 visits. If they don’t buy, stop after 6 months and service your customer base, ie anyone who has bought with the last 6 months.

You’ll find some customers buy every time, some every other time and some once every 6 months.

Remember, take it one step at a time and stay in contact with your sponsor. Let them know about the ups and the downs. They will have been through it all before you and will have many hints and tips  to help make it easier.

Getting Started .. Eze Retail


The top retailers in Kleeneze earned over £40,000 last year, (in fact, every year, for the last 5 years), and with the right dedication you could too.

Getting to this level of income doesn’t happen overnight, but it can happen. It does take effort.

For now though, you’ll want to know how much you can earn in the short term, and what you have to do to earn it.

Your sponsor may have taken you through the figures already, and if the figures you see now confuse you, get them to do it again.

You can Post, Place or hand your catalogue to family, friends and workmates etc. The Catalogues are packed with great products that everyone wants. You’ll be amazed at the orders you’ll get.

By the time you've completed your first 4 weeks retail sales you'll be picking up around £1 in orders per catalogue dropped.

Click on the video below.

I’s a short introduction to Retailing and Teambuilding with Kleeneze    

The video is currently being updated so there are a few bits in there that are not relevant at the moment. Still very useful.

The key to getting started is to talk to the person who introduced you to Kleeneze .. Your Sponsor.

Their job is to teach you so that you can become independent of them and be in control of your own income.

We always say that the only silly question is the one you don’t ask.

Nobody expects you to know everything and experience shows us that the more questions Distributors ask the more income they earn

And remember the Service Centre is there when your sponsor isn’t or when you need to talk about your account. Kleeneze won’t discuss your account with anyone but you.

Presenting Your Catalogues Video .. Click Below