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First Steps .. Introduction .. Introduces Team-Building with Ambitionz. Start here for an overview.

First Steps .. Prospecting .. Or looking for people who are looking for an extra income or lifestyle change. Find out here how to go about generating leads.

First Steps .. Calling Leads .. Once you have your leads, this article describes how to go about calling them. The script we use to do this is in here.

First Steps .. Presenting The Plan & FAQ .. Nobody will really understand the power of the Kleeneze business until they’ve seen a presentation of the whole thing. This explains how we do that and answer their questions.

Ambitionz Presentation .. Here’s the presentation you should use. But make sure you’ve been out with your sponsor who will show you how to present the opportunity.

Leaflets & Cards etc .. Here’s you find the leaflets and cards we use. You can print small numbers yourself but go here .. and then Shop Login .. Ambitionz .. The Username is Navyblue and the Password is Green .. Talk to your sponsor who will talk you through how to go about this.

Starting & Growing Your Kleeneze Business .. The video on Building Your Business has been scripted and is found by clicking here.

Kleeneze Flyer .. Mums .. Here’s a flyer you can use to send to busy mums.

Kleeneze Flyer .. Retirement .. If you know someone who may be retiring, or already retired, send them this.

When you pass the ‘First Steps’ articles on to your group make sure you let them read it, then take them through each of the areas in the field, ie doing a presentation etc. Check they understand.

You can use our website to send people to once you’ve already seen them. The site does not collect emails etc so you’ll have to get back to them. Go here to learn how to Follow Up.

Teambuilding With Ambitionz

By now you’ve seen the power of the Kleeneze catalogues and you’re beginning to understand the way team-building could transform your income.

It takes a few weeks to get the retail side of the business under your belt but it can take a lifetime to master the team-building side of the business. But as we’ve said earlier, you can earn while you learn and don’t forget that whereas you may not have the skills to lead a group of thousands at the moment, as you build your team, the skills will come.

Teambuilding is not about you introducing thousands and thousands into your team, on your own. It’s about introducing people, one at a time, and then teaching them how to do the same ..

Retail .. Sponsor .. Teach

And don’t forget, you don’t have to train all these people on your own. Just plug into the system yourself, and promote the system to your team and the system will train them for you. (Particularly useful when some of your team want to run faster than you want to .. And you’ll make more money)!

When you first start Teambuilding with Kleeneze it seems there’s so much to learn and more to think about than you ever though possible

But .. It really all boils down to a simple procedure

Decide what you want (in say the first 90 days), put together a plan, and get active.

And to find out the best way to get your teambuilding started .. Click the video below