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Microsoft Word Templates

Leaflets - Catalogue Distributors Needed

Shop Ads - Catalogue Distributors Wanted

Microsoft Publisher Templates

Leaflets - Catalogue Distributors Needed

Cards - Catalogue Distributors Needed

Shop Ads - Catalogue Distributors Needed

Table Top Cards - Catalogue Distributors ..

If you have any problems downloading any of these files then email me at

Font Files

Heather BTN Font File  For Cat Dist Needed

If you don’t know how to install a font file on your computer contact us and we’ll show you how

Leaflets / Cards/ Shop Adverts

Your upline told you that you would be making money in a short time, (from the retail side of the business), and you are. They also told you that to reach the higher levels of income you would need to build a team to duplicate your efforts by showing others how to do the same.

To do this you need to start to get in front of people to show them how you make money. We can 'prospect' for people in any number of ways, the most commonly used are

You should start with people you know and ask them if they’re interested in making some extra cash or they know someone who maybe.

Either way ask them to look at the DVD which gives them an overall view of the company. You can then get them in front of your sponsor, (when you’re knew) who will show them what it’s all about

The next stage in ‘looking for lookers’ is the use of Leaflets, cards, shop ads etc. And we find that the ’Catalogue Distributors Needed’ headline, works better than any leaflet we’ve ever used.

We think one of the reasons for this is the ‘handwriting’ look to the font. For that reason we’ve included the font file on this page for you to download and install on your computer if you want to print your own leaflets.

If you want to purchase leaflets, give your upline a call or cal  Mike a call on 01633.897566. We can get them for £20 per 5,000 and this is many times cheaper than printing your own. (Shop ads are cheap enough to print yourselves but try to use coloured 160gm card).

Below you’ll find templates of the cards and flyers we use. You can produce small numbers of your own but for larger amounts we have some preferred suppliers

Example of an A6 Leaflet. We print on 80gm paper

Business Card and below Shop Advert printed on 160gm card card

Shop Ad .. 160gm Cardmputer if you want to print your own leaflets.