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Once you have watched the video above, get along to the Kleeneze Selling on Facebook resources where you can start with the basics

Go to .. and watch the five videos

While you’re there scroll down to the facebook logo and join the Digital Sales Tips Facebook page.

Also, get your upline to add you to Kleeneze’s Success page ..  

More to say here but we really want to hear from you .. So lets have your comments

Getting Started on Facebook

How To Set Everything Up To Get Yourself Started Selling on FB

There’s been a lot of talk about how to sell on Facebook and the benefits of selling on Facebook .. But we have to say that we think we’re at the start of a revolution.

Start by having a look at the video on the right which will give you some idea of what can be achieved.

Then click on the link below and have a look at the videos below to see how to get started yourself

Selling on Facebook is whatever you want to make. As with everything else you’ll get back what you put in .. And it will take time.

At first it seems like you’re putting in a lot of effort and not get many, if any, results …. Then all of a sudden .. Wow! And off it goes.

Do make sure that you ask your upline if there’s anything you don’t understand.